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"Crystal Structure Predictions you can TRHu(ST) " 

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Free-energy landscape of radiprodil hydrate and anhydrate forms at 298.15 K and relative humidity of 50%

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Together with visionary customers, we embarked on a journey to transform Crystal Structure Prediction (CSP) from an academic playground into a reliable and quantitative engineering tool twenty years ago.

Today we are proud to announce that we have finally arrived. With our new TRHu(ST) method, now published in Nature (also see our press release), the free energy differences of hydrates and anhydrates can be calculated with known error bars as a function of temperature and relative humidity, thus confirming beyond doubt candidates for late-appearing forms or disappearing polymorph cases.

On our journey, we have passed many milestones (full publication list), including the publication of the first accurate solid-state dispersion correction for DFT  in 2005, the machinery for the generation of tailor-made force fields in 2008, the 4-out-of-4 success rate in the 4th blind test on crystal structure prediction in 2008, more excellent results in the 5th and 6th blind tests in 2011 and 2016, the first example for rational crystallization experiment design to make new crystal forms in 2015, the first meta-study on a large set of industrial CSP studies in 2018 and economy of scale to bring CSP closer to drug discovery in 2022. However,  TRHu(ST) feels different than just another milestone. TRHu(ST) is a landmark that announces the beginning of a new era of crystal modelling.

If we have got this far, this is only because we have never been alone on our journey. Our clients have always been there with us right from the start. Our early customers, who believed in our ability to innovate when modern crystal structure prediction was nothing but a spark on the horizon; our loyal customers, who came back year after year with compounds corresponding to our abilities at that time to fund further software development through software sales and contract research; and our ambitious customers, who keep pushing us out of our comfort zone. We thank all of them for their trust, patience and inspiration.


Crystal structure prediction is not the Holy Grail of crystallography anymore, but simply a proven technique. Our journey is not yet over. TRHu(ST)  is a stepping stone into a bright and promising future.​ The next promise carries other names such as in silico solid-state form selection or digital materials design. We are still hungry. We have grown and matured. All the while, with our customers still by our side.

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