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Recruitment at Avant-garde Materials Simulation

Avant-garde Materials Simulation Deutschland is an equal opportunities recruiter: your application is welcome regardless of your age, gender, ethnic origin, disabilities or religion/beliefs.

What matters most to us, beyond your skills and experience, is your mindset. Tell us more about your philosophy at work and your soft skills in your application form under Your Motivation-s.

Discover AMS´core values. Sharing common values is the basis for a diverse happy Team!

• Step 1: Fill-in application form, and you get notified in case of successful completion.
• Step 2: Pre-screening of candidates by AMS Human Resources, and you get notified about early rejection, or Step 3.
• Step 3: You are invited to take some hard and soft-skills tests, and you get notified about rejection, or Step 4.
• Step 4: Remote interview, and you get notified about rejection, or Step 5.
• Step 5: On-site day in Freiburg: series of hands-on tests and interviews with AMS Management and the concerned Department.
• Step 6: Decision on job offer, you get notified within 2 weeks.

AMS Team 2023

Why should you work for us?

You may be a theoretical solid-state physicist from Moscow, a geek from Cape Town or Seine Saint-Denis, a computer scientist from Boston, a crystallographer from Beijing or another skilled professional from one of the many locations that most people do now know of. And you may be dreaming of a lecture ship at the University of Cambridge, a permanent position at the MIT or a leading role in a large technology company such as GOOGLE. But now you have come across us, a small family business in the south of Germany specialised in crystal structure prediction. Believe it or not, we may be the employer that you are really looking for. If you stay with me for some paragraphs, I will tell you why…


What we offer:
a workplace to shape your future

We are a small family business with short communication paths. The impact of your work is immediately visible and directly supports other team members. We aim to provide a professional environment in which people from all over the world at different stages of their lives can find the work-life balance that suits them. Because we care about our employees, our customers’ needs, scientific progress and the planet, working at AMS does have a meaning.

• Flexible work time management around core hours
• Free organic coffee & teas, fresh fruits
• Resilient, organic garden with a planter where employees can grow their own fruits and vegetables
• A quiet workplace with the quality of a living space (not open plan offices)
• Part-time work for some of the positions
• Job specific training
• Yearly: 28 days paid leave (full time based) + about 10 days public holidays
• Equal opportunity policy
• Help with settling in if you are located outside Germany  

Why should you work for us?
Discover AMS´core values