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Marcus Neumann, Founder and Managing Director

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You may be a theoretical solid-state physicist from Moscow, a computer scientist from Boston, a crystallographer from Beijing or another skilled professional from one of the many locations that most people do now know of. And you may be dreaming of a lecture ship at the University of Cambridge, a permanent position at the MIT or a leading role in a large technology company such as GOOGLE. But now you have come across us, a small family business in the south of Germany specialised in crystal structure prediction. Believe it or not, we may be the employer that you are really looking for. If you stay with me for some paragraphs, I will tell you why…

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  • Our new adress since June 2017 Alte-Strasse-2 – 79249 Merzhausen – Germany.
  • We also returned to our „old“ phone numbers +49 761 479984-0