Avant-garde Materials Simulation

Research Scientist


Avant-garde Materials Simulation is the world-leading provider of software for organic Crystal Structure Prediction (CSP). We have successfully competed in the last three CSP blind tests and are pioneering other areas of predictive materials modelling. We rapidly deploy new technology to leading pharmaceutical companies.
We put the principles of sustainable development into practice and offer an industrial working environment with an academic touch. We are a multi-cultural team that develops software for a global market.

Our offices are located in Freiburg (Merzhausen), Germany, on the border of the Black Forest. The city has a rich student life with a variety of places to unwind after work. The residential areas offer green, calm neighborhoods that are ideal for healthy lifestyles and families with children.
Close to France and Switzerland, the Black Forest is one of Germany´s most touristic regions known for the beauty of its lakes and landscapes. In the wintertime the region offers good opportunities for alpine and cross-country skiing.

Your Mission

As Research Scientist you will become one of the few world-leading experts in crystal structure prediction and help our customers to make the most out of our software, GRACE. When approached by pharmaceutical companies, you will often be the last hope to solve hot or cold cases. You will solve solid-state mysteries where experiments fail or are ambiguous, but calculations can lead the way.

You will start in the second half of 2019. The position is permanent. You will work in close collaboration with our Senior Scientist Dr. J. van de Streek and under the responsibility of Dr. M. Neumann.

Your Responsibilities


• Become an expert in using AMS’ technology up to the point where you can publish high quality research and give oral presentations
• Explore industrial applications of CSP in close collaboration with customers and AMS’ scientific software developers
• Identify scientific software development opportunities

Contract research

• Solve non standard solid-state problems in pharmaceutical development
• Compile scientific reports
• Assist customers with the interpretation of results
• Schedule and monitor computational tasks in an HPC environment

User training and support

• Answer users’ questions by phone and Email
• Write GRACE tutorials and documentation
• Conceive and deliver on-site user training


• Represent AMS at conferences and commercial exhibitions
• Develop a scientific and industrial network
• Provide input for marketing material

Your Soft Skills

• Sharp and rational thinking combined with a pragmatic attitude
• Ability to act in the interest of the company: loyalty and dedication
• Ability to adapt your communication style on technical and scientific topics to non-experts, customers and members of AMS Team
• Soft human interface: cooperative, friendly manners in the daily with colleagues and customers are a must
• Intercultural awareness and open personality are a must
• Accept guidance from other Team members
• Commitment to Sustainability and Business Ethics are a must

Your Hard Skills

• Excellent written and spoken English
• Thorough understanding of molecular crystallography
• Familiar with experimental methods for solid-state characterisation of organic materials
• Hands-on experience with:
- Force fields and ab initio methods
- HPC Linux clusters
- Rietveld Refinement or SDPD
- Basic programming/scripting abilities

Your Education

• PhD in solid-state physics, solid-state chemistry or crystallography, or a related science

What we offer:
a work place where you are given the opportunity to shape your future

We are a small family business with short communication paths. The impact of your work is immediately visible and directly supports other team members. We aim to provide a professional environment in which people from all over the world at different stages of their lives can find the work-life balance that suits them. Because we care about our employees, our customers´needs, scientific progress and the planet, working at AMS does have a meaning.
• Flexible work time management around core hours
• Part-time work for some of the positions
• Training for job specific topics as well as to grow your own potential
• yearly: 25 days paid leave + about 10 days public holidays
• Equal opportunity policy
• Help with settling in

Our Recruitment Process

Avant-garde Materials Simulation GmbH is an equal opportunities recruiter: your application is welcome regardless of your ethnic origin, gender, disabilities, religion/beliefs, sexual orientation or age.
What matters most to us, beyond your skills and experience, is your mindset. Sharing common values is the basis for a happy Team! Tell us more about your philosophy at work and your soft skills in the cover letter, to be addressed to our Head of Human Resources and Communication, M.A. Elsa Gheziel-Neumann.
Please fill in our Application Form, do not send us an Email with attached pdf: we take security very seriously and never open attachments from unknown sources.
• We will first collect applications, and give you a feed-back until the end of March via Email.
• Upon successful completion of a Skype interview and some hard-skills tests, you will be invited to Freiburg for a series of interviews and tests with AMS Management.
• The position will remain open until the ideal candidate is found.

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